Beastie Burgers Antwerp: The Burgers You Should Try Out!

Chewbacca Burger

Hello everybody! We haven’t been eating a proper burger for months now! Every once in a while, we crave for Mcdonalds or Burger King which brings childhood memories and a big regret after eating it. OFC we know it is a shame to eat shitburgers as a foodie. We did a little bit digging on Google, asked locals and friends and traced down to Beastie Burgers.

Ups and Downs

First of all, as you can figure out from the name, Beastie Burgers has a theme and tells a story. Even though I’m not a metalhead, I liked it. The entrance looks lively with the background music, red color, and a minivan shaped kitchen. However, I can’t say the same about upstairs. It was dark and gloomy because of the lack of coloring and a huge wall full of old black speakers. In Antwerp, we starve for a beam of sunshine the whole winter, and these dark walls absorb it like a sponge. Besides, it is hard to take photos for me in these conditions. Bear in mind if you are going to take some pictures!

Rock’nRoll artists and covers inspire the names of the burgers on the menu. They offer a wide selection of meat options including Irish beef, lamb, Black Angus, chicken, and fish. You can find veggie and vegan burgers as well. We had a hard time choosing one and finally decided to order Chewbacca (12€) and a Ram Jam (12€) with fries (3.20€) together with a coke.

Beastie Burger Menu
Beastie Burger Menu

There was only one table except us, and all the empty tables were dirty. The cook and the server was the same guy. Maybe that explains all the mess. It is 2019, everybody takes photos, and you shouldn’t let your guard down!

Ram Jam Close Up
Ram Jam Closer

Burgers landed around 25 minutes. Coke was missing, and the server brought it 5 minutes later. Well, these are small things but spoils the experience. Considering we were the only customer at that time.

The burgers seemed dry at first. However, they certainly taste better than their looks! My order was Ram-Jam with lamb meat and homemade spicy sauce, booom, that was d-e-l-i-c- i-o-u-s! G had Chewbacca with ham and egg inside; it was also juicy and tasty. Both of the meats cooked well done. We would expect it to be medium (or to be asked); however, we highly recommend you to try them out!

Bottom Line

Our experience with Beastie Burgers was overall good. We leave the place with a smile. They did the hard thing right -burgers- but the easy to do things like cleaning, interaction and interest are a bit on the low side. Good news, it is easy to fix easy things 🙂 Hoping for a better experience next time!


Beastie Burgers
  • 95%
    Food - 95%
  • 65%
    Service - 65%
  • 85%
    Price / Performance Ratio - 85%
  • 70%
    Atmosphere - 70%

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