Bruges On a Budget

Bruges on a budget

If you are a student, a backpacker or someone who wants to visit Bruges on a budget and only have one day, keep reading! This post is going to be a budget guide for your day trip to Bruges!

Train Station Brugge
Train Station Brugge

First things first, we bought our train tickets from Antwerp to Bruges for 10€ (both ways included) from NMBS(Belgian railways) website. Usually, they have some promotions and for the weekends your return ticket will be half price for anywhere in Belgium. Such a good deal! Especially, if you are planning a budget trip!

Random Shot from: Bruges On a Budget
Random Photoshoot from Brugge

After around 1,5 hours of a train ride, we arrived in Bruges. It was extremely crowded than we expected. Now I know why it is everyone’s favorite spot during Christmas time. It looks like a fairytale.

Where to have a budget-friendly lunch in Bruges?

We head through ‘Oude Brug’ street and we decided to have a budget-friendly lunch 🙂

Budget-friendly options from Soup Bruges
Inside of Soup,Brugge

This cute place is called ‘Soup’, we ordered a bowl of pumpkin soup and a lunch menu; a broccoli soup, half bread panini, a mandarin, and a Belgian classic butter&bread. Nothing could make me happy than a hot bowl of soup on this cold winter day 🙂

The lunch menu is 9,5€ but you can order a plain soup menu for 6,5€ or even less without a menu. Pumpkin soup warmed my heart <3 And we were ready to walk around.

The best part of Bruges is that you can discover the city by just walking. And here we are, one of the most popular photo spots ‘Brugge Koningsbrug’.

Brugge Bridge
Brugge Koningsbrug

Where to shop in Bruges: Gifts for yourself and for your loved ones

I loved the lace shops and handwoven pillowcases. This is one of the best memorable gift options for yourself and for your loved ones from Bruges. I like to buy/collect things from the places I have been especially the things that I can place it somewhere in my home so that I can remember the memories and smile 🙂

I will be honest, this is not a ‘budget budget’ option since the prices are around 20-25€ for the pillowcases. However, you can also find some tapestry and classic laces from small to large in those shops depending on your budget. This shop was one of my favorite.

Handwoven Pillowcases, Duchesse Brugge
Handwoven Pillowcases, Duchesse

When you are in Belgium, you know that you are in chocolate, waffle and beer heaven. And this also means that you can find chocolates in any shape!

Paintbrush Chocolate
Paintbrush Chocolate
Shot of a store from Bruges on a Budget
Pomme-pidou concept store
Random shot from Bruges on a Budget
Random photoshoot from Brugge

A must thing to do in Bruges: Try the pink chocolate, RUBY!

What I really want to mention about chocolate is something very new to the world; a pink chocolate so-called RUBY.

And NOPE, it doesn’t contain any food dye.

Ruby is first produced by a Belgian-Swiss cocoa company, and it is made from the ruby cocoa bean. It is available since April 2018 in Europe -which is pretty decent- and it has a sweet&sour taste.

Bruges on a budget
Ruby Chocolate, La Belgique Gourmande

I was so happy that I could finally try it here in Bruges! However, I couldn’t find the plain one -I tried to get rid of the cranberries :)- It was 5€ for 100grams. I loved it so much! Add RUBY to your things to do list, and I promise you won’t regret it!

What about Belgian waffles?

In Belgium, there are two main types of waffles; Liege waffle and Brussels waffle.

Bruges on a budget : Belgian waffles
Leige waffle, Chez Albert

Liege waffle is made from a yeasted dough (more like a bread dough) which contains sugar and results in a more sweeter and chewier waffle, on the other hand, Brussels waffle is made from a thin yeast batter that leads in a rectangular shape and lighter one.

The most popular waffle shop in Bruges is Chez Albert -which serves Liege waffles- and probably one of the best waffles you will ever have. Plain waffle is 2€ and 3,5€ with chocolate. One more thing that you can note it for your trip on a budget for Bruges!

Honest thoughts on Bruges

If this is your first time in Flanders or you haven’t been to any other cities in Belgium before, I think you should definitely visit Bruges and experience all the chocolate, waffle, beers, canals and it’s beautiful architecture staying overnight.

If you have been to other cities before, I think a day trip would be enough for you. Also, if you are looking for a fun or partying, it is better to look elsewhere! 🙂 Bruges would be more like a cultural trip.

Brugge on a budget, in winter
Resting tourists, winter in Brugge

Overall, we enjoyed our day trip to Bruges. It was a beautiful and heartwarming experience. We are planning to visit one more time in summer. Stay tuned!

If you find “Bruges On a Budget” helpful, please let us know by commenting!

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