Kaffeenini: Probably the Best Bagels in Antwerp

Kaffeenini Bagels

Hello, people of Antwerp. Today is the day. After passing by Kaffeenini and wondering what is inside more than a hundred times, we finally did it.

Super Friendly Staff

Before we asked, the waiter showed us a table for two. Thanks, <3 With my beginner level of Dutch I was almost figuring out what to order, a helping hand passed an English menu before we even asked. Thanks, volume 2 <3 Well, it is not hard to figure out that the staff is super friendly. All you need is one minute with them.

The style is original yet homely, and so is the menu. The menu is full of coffee’s, brunch and breakfast options. Since Kaffeenini is famous for it’s Bagels, we ordered one Chick (6.8 €), one Bill B (6.5€) together with a Cappucino (2.7 €) and a Latte (2.9 €).

Kaffeenini Atmosphere
Kaffeenini Hangcycle

Delicious Bagels

Even though it was a busy lunchtime, our orders came within 5 minutes. No jokes. Service is fast and impressive. They didn’t even give me a chance to take a couple of photos.

The bagels are simple yet so delicious. And they look mouthwatering. So mouthwatering, I couldn’t resist and cut my photo shoot at half 🙂 I ate Bill B, everything inside was fresh, juicy and flavoury. Outside, I was happy, and I didn’t stop there and jump into the Chick (my wife’s bagel), the combination of that bagel was also a killer, I loved it <3 The only cons was not the experience I had with the food, but, it was a blind knife. It was so blind that I had to use my biceps and manliness to cut bagels. The latte was just at the right point; the cappuccino was light and tasty.

Kaffeenini Bagels

The Atmosphere of Kaffeenini Antwerp

I’m a simple man, and I like all kinds of music. For me, the volume and the music genre are essential in common places. In other words, if the music is not disturbing and not too loud, it gives you good vibes. They have a nice “play at background playlist.” Apart from that, I was more than happy with people, lighting, carpets and the general feeling of the place. The toilet was clean and spacious enough, but I find it a bit cold. Well, expecting a warm toilet is maybe a bit luxurious 🙂 And keep that in mind, unless you can bend spoons with your concentration this is not a place to work. Just eat and have a good time!

Kaffeenini Fresh Baked

My overall experience with Kaffeenini Antwerp was satisfying. It’s a great place to stop by for breakfast, lunch, and coffee. I liked what I eat, see and feel. Staff is heartwarmingly friendly and everything happens too quick. Yes, this is a compliment. Having a delicious bagel and a coffee for ten euros per person is very convenient for Antwerp standards.

Website: https://kaffeenini.be/en

  • 95%
    Food - 95%
  • 100%
    Service - 100%
  • 95%
    Price / Happiness Level - 95%
  • 90%
    Atmosphere - 90%


One of the best places in Antwerp!

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